Video Productions


by Mainstreet Factory 

Choreography: Linda Heller

Dancers: Audrey Wagner, Corinne Kälin, Elisa Serrano, Linda Heller, Sari Wink

Video: Valentin Mattes


by the untitled Kendrick Lamar

Direction, Video &edit: Witthawa Tonja
Choreography: Chloè Wanner
Concept: Chloè Wanner &Witthawa Tonja
Dancers: Chloè Wanner, Corinne Kälin, Laura Saiz


by Moop Mama

Students of HF Bühnentanz present a home office video project

Song written by Keno Langbein & Lukas Roth 
Video by Lena Marie Rheinländer / Linksmitterechts

Dear future generation: Sorry

Choreography/Concept: Corinne Kälin
Dancers: Corinne Kälin, Jana Dünner, Lea Korner, Milena Büchi, Witthawa Tonja
Camera: Cassandra Schurtenberger
Video edit and cut: Witthawa Tonja


Another passion of mine is to take pictures and videos of dancers, nature or whatever inspires me. Below are some video snippets and photos: featuring Darleen Schläpfer and Sofie Heller