Dear Future Generation: Sorry


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Short description

„Dear Future Generation: Sorry“ is a new video production led by myself. In 2022 I received financial support to realize this production by winning the competition for professional cultural creation. The dance is based on the words of the poetry slam by the well-known activist Prince Ea. This dance video creates an artistic space for our fears and questions about the climate crisis and is accessible to everyone. The dancers are committed to a sustainable world and want to share their emotions with all generations through movement.

People Involved

Videoproduction by

Choreography: Corinne Kälin @corinnekaelin01 

Professional dancers: Corinne Kälin @corinnekaelin01, Jana Dünner @jana.duenner , Lea Korner @leakorner , Milena Büchi @milenabuechi , Witthawa Tonja 

Dance students from „Chur tanzt“: Giulia Meiler, Céline Caderas, Elin Broger, Ladina Heusser, Mara-Joana Stalder, Nela-Giuliana Stalder, Nina Gabathuler, Naiara Tuor, Liana Buchli

Music: Poetry Slam „Dear future generation: sorry“ by Prince Ea @prince_ea 

Camera: Cassandra Schurtenberger @c_von_e 

Cut and edit: Witthawa Tonja 

Shooting location: @tanzhauszuerich, Davos Wiesen

„ I truly believe we have a limited amount of breaths on this planet“  Pince Ea

Dear Future Generation: Sorry


Beauty and generosity

its resilience 

vital to us and limited

The human species

nothing but a part of it


I have so much to say about this video production. But in fact, I want to thank every single person involved in this project for making it possible. 

It was exactely one year ago when I was deeply touched and inspired by these true and honest words written and spoken by Prince Ea. Every time I  danced to this Poetry Slam, I felt a lot of pain, anger and saddness. I had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. I was devastated by the fact that we greedly rob the planet we live on and possibly destroy our own species. 

And here we are, 365 days later. 

I am extremely thankful I could realise this dance production because it gives me hope. I do believe that the next generation is sensitive enough, cares and takes action. 

I encourage you to talk about the ecological and climate crisis we are facing with your children, your cousins, your neighbor, friends, the person in the train, your teacher, aunt and whoever you will cross eyecontact with today. Because our planet needs your voice.

I have hope in us. Because we can do big things. Together. 

Poetry Slam „Dear futire Generation:Sorry“ by Prince EA

Link: Click here

Dear Future Generations, 

I think I speak for the rest of us when I say 

Sorry, sorry we left you with our mess of a planet 

Sorry that we were too caught up in our own doings to do something 

Sorry we listened to people who made excuses 

To do nothing 

I hope you forgive us 

We just didn't realize how special the earth was 

Like a marriage going wrong 

We did not know what we had until it was gone 

For example 

I'm guessing you probably know what is the Amazon Desert, right? 

Well believe it or not 

It was once called once called the Amazon Rain Forest 

And there were billions of trees there 

And all of them gorgeous and just um.. 

Oh, you don't know much about trees, do you? 

Well let me tell you that trees are amazing 

And I mean, we literally breath the air 

They are creating, and they clean up our pollution 

Our carbon, they store and purify water, 

Give us medicine that cures ours diseases 

, food that feeds us 

Which is why I am so sorry, to tell you that 

We burned them down 

Cut them down with brutal machines, horrific 

At a rate of 40 football fields every minute 

That's 50% of all the trees in the world all gone 

In the last 100 years 

Why? For this 

And that wouldn't make me so sad 

If there weren't so many pictures of leaves on it 


You know when I was a child 

I read how the Native Americans had such consideration 

For the planet that they felt responsible 

For how they left the land for the next 7 generations 

Which brings me great sorrow, because most of us today, Don't even care about tomorrow 

So I'm sorry, I'm sorry that we put profit above people, Greed over need, the rule of gold above the golden rule 

I'm sorry we used nature as a credit card with no spending limit 

Over drafting animals to extinction 

Stealing your chance to ever see their uniqueness 

Or become friends with them 

Sorry we poison the oceans so much that you can't even swim in them 

But most of all, i'm sorry about our mindset 

'cause we had the nerve to call this destruction 


Hey Fox News, if you don't think climate change is a threat 

I dare you to interview the thousands of homeless people in Bangladesh 

See, while you was in your penthouse nestled 

Their homes were literally washed away 

Beneath their feet due to the rising sea levels 

And Sara palin, you said that you love the smell of fossil fuels 

Well I urge you to talk about the kids of Bejing 

Who are forced to wear pollution masks just to go to school 

See, you can ignore this, but the thing about truth is 

It can be denied, not avoided 

So I'm sorry future generation 

I'm sorry that our footprints became a sinkhole and not a garden 

I'm sorry that we paid so much attention to ISIS 

And very little how fast the ice is melting in the arctic 

I'm sorry we doomed you 

And I'm sorry we didn't find another planet in time to move to 

I am s... 



You know what, cut the beat, I'm not sorry 

This future I do not accept it 

Because an error does not become a mistake 

Until you refuse to correct it 

We can redirect this, how? 

Let me suggest that if a farmer sees a tree that is unhealthy 

They don't look at the branches to diagnosis it 

They look at the root, so like that farmer 

We must look at the root 

And not to the branches of the government 

Not to the politicians run by corporations 

We are the root, we are the foundation, this generation 

It is up to us to take care of this planet 

It is our only home, we must globally warm our hearts And change the climate of our souls 

And realize that we are not apart from nature 

We are a part of nature 

And to betray nature is to betray us 

To save nature, is to save us 

Because whatever you're fighting for: 

Racism, Poverty, Feminism, Gay Rights 

Or any type of Equality 

It won't matter in the least 

Because if we don't all work together to save the environment 

We will be equally extinct