Photos by Sofie Heller

Photos by Andrea Camen 

photos by Reiner Nicklas

Photos by Ulrich Wittenberg

Photos of (s)care by milena Büchi

Taken by Audrey Wagner, Dancers: Andrina Frey, Corinne Kälin, Lea Korner, Sophie Meyer

Photos of CIAO by patrick Principe

Photos of „Stoffff“ by Philipp Egli

Dancers: Andrina Frey, Corinne Kälin, Samuel Delvaux, Sandra Klimek

Photos by Susanne Niederberger

Photos of Losing 

Piece by Kerriann Marti, Photographer @yerano, Dancers: Corinne Kälin, Jenoe Marranchelli, Ikenna Nwaougu, Kerriann Marti

Photos of „Chaotically Together“ by Corneliu Ganea

Dancers: HF Contemporary and Urban Dance at Tanzwerk101, Class of 2022

Photos by Annik kälin